Rice Cooker IH Tekanan


Induction Heating creates high heat and cooks rice perfectly.
Additionally, High temperature due to pressure cooking brings out maximum fluffiness and flavors

Kapasitas Nomor Model

Varying double pressure for perfectly cooked rice

Varying pressure function allows machine to adjust pressure accordingly. High temperature cooking by changing atmospheric pressure in the cooking.

11-layer coated inner pot with ceramic coating

Heat Convection Ceramic Surface

The surface is slightly rough to help create small water bubbles during the cooking process.

Flat back design

This rice cooker has been designed to look beautiful from any angle.
Recommended stylish design for kitchen islands.

Approx. 130℃ Induction heating perfect flavor and texture of rice

Induction Heating System generates 130℃ high heat and 115℃ steaming process maximize the flavor and texture of rice. 

Black LCD control panel

Background of display become black when the power is on for easy to view.

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